img_1019It doesn’t do to focus too much on the negative in this world, especially as simple pleasures are easy to find. For example, it is hard to imagine feeling more content than when eating a pork pie washed down with a good pint. However, as the the saying goes ‘For evil to triumph it is only necessary that good men do nothing’. So, pie lovers should not stand idly by while their traditional pleasure and heritage is trampled on with the spread of expensive and exotic pies. Pictured opposite are two websites promoting pies and ‘ale’ in the so called ‘Northern Quarter’ of Manchester. Do not be tempted by this marketing nonsense. It is the same eveil thinking that for some reason has seen beer renamed as ale. It is an appeal to the feeble minded, intended to make them think that such products are worth much more than normal beer and pies. The simple truth is that they taste worse and cost more. All pie lovers should strongly discourage this disturbing trend.