In anticipation of February’s launch of the LPPAS a group of keen members met this week to ensure that the society’s pie assessment methodology was both rigorous and easy to apply. Not wanting to experiment with a Lancashire pie, a large pork pie was imported from Cumbria. The LPPAS are happy to report that the assessment worked well, and more importantly, the pie was excellent.

First the pie. The pie was a large pork pie bought in Penrith and produced by Cranstons

Next, our assessment. The pie scored an overall 77% on the LPPAS assessment matrix. The mark would have been higher still were it not for the lack of jelly within the pie. As one taster commented, ‘this did not seem to detract from the overall quality of the pie’. Nevertheless, jelly is an important part of a pie, and were it not for this, the pie would have scored higher still. There was much praise for the pastry: ‘lovely colour, well baked, and thin which takes skill’. The pork too was highly regarded ‘lovely and pink, fat content just right’.


So all in all we are very happy to recommend Cranston’s pork pies. Those driving on the M6 might choose to pull off at J40 and visit the Cranston Food Hall to purchase their pies.

Next month we will be reporting on our first Lancashire pie. Exciting times indeed!