Nicholson’s Pork Pie

‘A classic pie’ remarked one of our most experienced tasters as he savoured one of Nicholson’s standard pork pies. It is worth considering what could be meant by classic. In our opinion, there are two dimensions to this. Firstly, it is an archetype – in other words the pie tastes exactly as you would hope a pork pie would. In doing so, it brings back fond memories of pie shops from the past and the happy emotions and sensations associated with them. Secondly, it is a classic, in that it is high quality. We are glad to report that Nicholson’s Pork Pies are classic pork pies against both measures. The pie was given an overall rating of 76% by our panel of tasters. The full tasting figures are shown below:

Nicholson’s Standard Pie



2 3 4 5 6 7 Total (%)
Overall Quality


60 80 80 85 80 80 76


50 65


85 75 65



60 60 80 90 85 85 80



65 50 65 60 70 50 70


nicholsonstdThe strongest category was the pork itself. The pork was fresh, smooth and lively, with a lovely pink colour. The majority of tasters considered it well seasoned although two tasters would have preferred a little more pepper. The pastry was the next highest score. Comments here were slightly more divided. One taster commented that he pastry was ‘Thin, crispy and complemented the meat perfectly’. This was echoed by other tasters. In contrast though, two others would have preferred crispier pastry still. There was one comment that the pastry was somewhat pale. The jelly proved to be the most contentious issue. This was due to the runny quality of the jelly. For some tasters this was seen as a positive and the taste was thought excellent. Others insisted that the jelly ought to be firmer and worried that the liquid jelly might be spilt down their shirtfronts. For this reason the jelly score was a little lower that the rest. Overall though there was unanimity that the pie was excellent. With an overall score of 76% the Nicholson Pork Pie receives the LPPAS Highly Recommended status.

To sample one of Nicholson’s Pork Pies please pay them a visit them at:

Nicholson’s Butchers Ltd
153 – Railway Street

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