Ingham2Ingham’s standard pork pie exudes quality. It has a solid look and feel and its nicely glazed  pastry signals good health. Its convex lid indicates that it is overflowing with quality pork. It was no wonder then that their pork pies were eagerly sampled by an impressive total of 14 tasters at an LPPAS meeting held on Monday 6th March, 2017.

Overall Quality: The tasters were almost unanimous in their agreement that this was a high quality pie. Comments ranged from the simple ‘superb pie’ and ‘excellent’ to the more detailed ‘good texture and taste’ and ‘great balance between meat and jelly’. Several tasters delighted in the almost sticky feel to the pastry. The individual and average scores for the pie are shown below. There are a couple of outliers amongst the tasters with scores as high as 97 and low as 50, but overall the verdict of 14 tasters provides a robust sample and the overall score of 72% means that Ingham’s standard pork pie is deservedly accorded LPPAS Highly Recommended Status.

Ingham’s Standard Pie Taster
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Total
Overall Quality 80 70 77 90 75 67 97 70 50 55 80 60 75 65 72
Pastry 80 60 70 75 60 80 95 65 40 50 75 70 80 60 69
Pork 85 75 80 90 90 80 80 60 55 80 85 60 85 65 76
Jelly 50 60 80 85 90 55 70 60 45 40 70 50 70 60 63

Now for the individual components of the pie. Firstly, the pastry. The score of 69 for the pastry is highly commendable, but is dragged down by a couple of low scorers. Some people strongly approved of the pastry, commenting ‘excellent for my pallette’; ‘nearly perfect’ and beautiful colour. Some people though would prefer thinner pastry. Discussion also centred on the fact that pies had to be held in storage until tasting night. Given this, it is entirely possible that consumed on the doorstep of the butchers the pie would have scored higher still.

There was even more agreement over the pork, with an excellent score of 76% being obtained in this category. Tasters appreciated the slightly coarse texture of the meat with comments including ‘meaty and a lovely pink’; ‘succulent and tasty’; ‘excellent taste and texture’ and ‘has a nice bite to it’.

Lastly, the jelly. Jelly has proved to be the most disputed point in the pork pie tasting sessions so far. Given this, the mark of 63% is an impressive performance. There were still some tasters that would have preferred more, but to this tasters eye the jelly filled any gaps in his pie. Others considered the jelly nicely seasoned and appreciated the spill over into the glaze of the pie.

Overall then, an excellent pie. As an LPPAS Highly Recommended Pie we believe it is well worth making the journey to Ingham’s Butchers at:

6 Skipton Road

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