Every week it seems is ‘something week’ these days. Last week was national pie week, which started well, but ended in ignominy. Somehow, the ‘expert’ judges at the Pie Awards chose a Ginsters pasty as the second best pasty in Britain, and crowned a peppered steak pie as second best Meat & Potato Pie. This week is now National Butcher’s Week. In this case, we at the LPPAS definitely agree that this is a worthy cause.

Butchers are highly skilled, expert craftspeople. First and foremost of course is their skill in cutting and trimming meat. They are almost all, small & family run businesses. In today’s times where large supermarkets dominate, any such business has to provide an excellent product and service in order to survive. It is to the great credit of the many high quality local butchers in Lancashire that they do just that. We all owe such businesses our support, and so we are happy to celebrate National Butchers Week.

We are happy too for another particular reason. That is, that so many of these expert butchers also happen to make the best pork pies in the county. In our search for the best pork pies in Lancashire it has been our pleasure to find small, family run, butchers that apply the same skills and attention to detail from their normal work into the additional job of producing excellent pies. Indeed, every town seems to have a butcher with the reputation of producing the best pies in the country. We are enjoying identifying as many of these butchers as possible this year, and taking even more pleasure in sampling their wares. If we can do our little bit to promote these often unsung heroes we are very happy to do so.