LPPAS Event Report 3rd April 2017

As has been said before on these pages, the great Spanish author Cervantes claimed that ‘hunger is the best sauce’. Some 500 years after he first coined the phrase, events at The Black Bull conspired to reinforce Cervantes’ enduring wisdom. Inexplicably, there had been a breakdown in procurement from West Lancashire, which meant pork pies from just one supplier were to be sampled. Although alternatives such as quiche and spring rolls were offered, these were received as thin gruel by the pie hungry crowd. Fortunately though, the supplier from Ramsbottom, Walmsley’s Butchers, is clearly a monarch of his profession and the pies sampled were agreed by all to be top class.

Walmsleys2A full report of Walmsley’s Pork Pie will follow. But the headline is that it goes straight to the top of the charts, just overtaking Pitt’s of Earby for first place overall. Not only that, but the pie goes to the top of the pastry and pork charts too, missing out on first place in the jelly chart to Pitt’s masterly pie.

The results are shown below, for what one of our taster’s described as a ‘Ronaldo of the Pie world’:

Walmsley’s Standard Pie


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total
Overall Quality 85 78 80 78 80 96 88 80 83
Pastry 90 76 75 85 70 90 85 75 81
Pork 85 70 70 83 80 92 90 85 82
Jelly 80 60 75 65 80 97 90 80 78


Walmsley’s butchers can be found at:

31 Bridge Street, Ramsbottom, Bury BL0 9AD

Walmsley’s Butchers Facebook Page

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