There was much anticipation as the members of LPPAS impatiently waited for the Fraser’s Pork Pies to be served. For many LPPAS members Fraser’s pork pies have been a long-standing favourite and those that had yet to taste them were expecting something special. Ideally tasting would be done ‘blind’ to remove any possible bias. Although, this wasn’t possible for such a well-known pie, the tasters gave their opinions in their usual professional manner.


A dozen standard pies were provided for the hungry crowd with the generous addition of 2 large pies to ensure that an elegant sufficiency was provided. At the end of the tasting no-one was disappointed.  The overall mark of 79% is testament to the quality of the pie, comfortably achieving the much coveted ‘LPPAS Highly Recommended’ status. Here are the marks of the 13 tasters for the pie:

Fraser’s Standard Pie Taster
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Total
Overall Quality 80 75 72 80 80 85 85 80 80 80 80 75 75 79
Pastry 80 65 70 70 80 90 85 80 80 70 80 75 70 77
Pork 80 70 70 70 75 85 85 80 80 70 80 75 80 77
Jelly 80 65 70 65 70 85 90 80 60 80 75 60 73

So, what are the reason that this pie has such a reputation and is rated so highly? Firstly, the overall quality is considered. One member described the pie as having an ‘exquisite balance’ between the holy trinity of pastry, meat & jelly. Comments were also made on the ‘fulsome’ and ‘well-filled’ quality of the pie. The speed at which the pies were consumed spoke silently of the taste and texture of the pies.

Frasers3Next, each of the constituent parts are considered. Of the three, the jelly scored the lowest score, with a still excellent 73%. The jelly would have scored higher still were it not for another characteristic of the pie. Paradoxically the ‘fulsome’ quality of the pie meant that in some of the pies there was comparatively little jelly. Those pies in which there was room  were particularly well-jellied with one member opining that despite it being a ‘packed pie, it had jelly in all the right places.

The pastry and pork were both awarded excellent averages of 77%. The pastry was described as ‘nicely baked, good colour, with crispy pastry just to my taste’. ‘Thin and crispy’ describing well the elusive quality of top class pastry. The pork itself was a smooth and uniformly pink. The comments ‘nicely spiced with a great texture’ and ‘lean, tasty and moist’ captures the consensus well.

Finally, comment should be made on the large pies. Formal scoring is now only conducted on the standard pies. The large pie was extremely well received. If there was a scoring system for the larger pies, there is little doubt that this would be our top-rated pie in that category.

Overall, the Fraser’s Standard Pie is in the top 3 for all of our four categories.  If you haven’t already sample Fraser’s pies as a LPPAS Highly Recommended Pie we recommend you make the journey to sample them for yourselves.

Fraser’s Butchers
272 Rishton Lane

Or use our Pie Finder for directions!