Trotter’s Pork Pie wins the award for the most elegant looking pie we have sampled so far. The pastry pig on the lid is a great touch that gives the pie a distinctive look and feel. The name ‘Trotter’s’ also met with the approval of the LPPAS members.

A dozen standard pies were provided for sampling. The pie performed well, achieving ‘LPPAS Recommended Status’. On another night it might have scored higher still, but struggled on the night in comparison to the LPPAS Highly Recommended, and firm favourite, Fraser’s Pie. It should also be mentioned that as Trotter’s is closed on Monday the pies had been in storage since Saturday. Two members that have sampled these pies fresh though that the pastry had lost some of its ‘crunch’ over the weekend. At the end of the tasting no-one was disappointed.

Here are the marks from the 12 tasters for the pie:


TrottersSo, what are the characteristics of this excellently presented pie? Firstly, the size should be commented on. It is one of the smaller pies that we have sampled. For some this would be ideal, but on the night the majority of tasters would have preferred a slightly larger version. Members were split on their overall description. ‘A cute looking, nice pie’ was one comment, supported by others that found the pie ‘enjoyable’ and ‘very good and tasty’. Other members were a little harsher – describing the pie as ‘average’. A comment that in part is testament to the quality of the pies that we have sampled so far this year.

The pork itself was the strongest feature of the pie. With an average mark of 69% this just missed the Highly Recommended level. ‘Firm’, ‘good texture and flavour’ and ‘well-seasoned’ were typical comments here with only one taster awarding a mark below 65%. In fact there were several positive comments about the seasoning – a factor that even in the top scoring pies is often the subject of negative comment.

The pastry achieved a mark of 60%. Here it was felt that the pastry ‘lacked crispness’ and some felt it was ‘soggy’. There was no doubt that the pastry didn’t score as well as expected. How much this was due to its period in storage is open to question – but there’s no doubt it would have been fairer to sample the pie on the day of purchase.

Finally, to the jelly. Here there were some negative comments but these related to quantity rather than quality. In smaller, well filled, pies such as this one there is little room for jelly. Those that did comment on the flavour remarked that the jelly was ‘excellent’ and ‘nice and tasty’.

Overall, the Trotter’s Pork Pie makes the grade as an LPPAS Recommended Pie. With its appearance and the quality of the pork it is best described as an enjoyable pie. If you are in the area, why not call in to what is an excellent butchers for a sample?

86 Walshaw Road
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