While our mission is to find and promote the best pork pies in Lancashire, there’s no point in turning down a good pie from elsewhere. Recently LPPAS have been privileged to sample pies from two outstanding bakers – Mr C’s of Fife and Powell’s of Whitchurch (Shropshire). The pies are different in style from our normal Lancashire pies, which is how it should be. So whilst we would always champion the Lancashire style, what did we make of these pies? In short, both Mr C’s and Powell’s make excellent pies and their enthusiasm and commitment to quality shines through. We’ll look at each in turn:

Mr C’s Pies

Mr C’s supply a wide range of high quality establishments and it was easy to see why. A wide range of pies were sampled: Pork, Pork & Chorizo, Pork & Black Pudding (Piggy Black), Venison, Chicken & Ham, Salmon & Smoked Seafood. As a general comment the quality of the ingredients was very clear. The jelly in particular was amongst the best we’ve tasted. The pastry was thicker than Lancashire style but expertly cooked and very tasty. The pork was Melton Mowbray style and perfectly seasoned. My preference is for plain pork pies but the pork and chorizo and chicken and ham provide good variety for those looking for a bit extra. The venison and smoked salmon & seafood were outstanding pies. The venison had a rich taste and flavour and met expectations. The salmon & smoked seafood exceeded expectations. It was hard to know what to expect from this pie, having never tasted anything like it, but it was a delightful blend of ingredients and of all the pies tasted must take the highest level of skill to balance ingredients to such an effect. Finally the personal favourite on the night was the piggy black pie. This is pork surrounded by black pudding and the overall effect was exquisite. Citizens of Bury, look away now, but the Scottish Black Pudding was as good as anything I’ve tasted and complemented the pork perfectly – a real treat.

Powell’s Pies

In contrast to Mr C’s, Powell Pies do just one thing, but they do it very well. They make pork pies to their traditional family recipe using the best locally sourced ingredients. Again their style is more Melton Mowbray than Lancashire, but nevertheless these are great pork pies. The pastry was again thicker than it would be in Lancs, but nevertheless managed to retain an excellent crispness. The pork had an excellent texture and perfect seasoning and finally the jelly was rich and peppery even if there was room for a little more. All in all excellent pies and it’s great to see local and family traditions upheld in this way.

More details:

Mr C’s Pies: http://www.mrcspies.co.uk

Powell’s Pies: https://www.facebook.com/PowellsPorkPies/