A resident of Cleveleys had tipped us off about the quality of Grimes’ pies. We are proud that the pies we have sampled cover every corner of the county and given the glowing report we had received our North Lancs representative made the journey to collect the usual dozen pies. It was well worth the journey to a butchers that take great pride in everything that they do!

IMG_4804The pies where quite distinctive. Instead of the usual hole (or holes) for jelly these pies had two lines scored in their lids for the purpose. With just two more months to go in our search for the best pork pies in Lancashire, the pies finished the night top of the pile in what is a very close run thing at the top of the table. The overall mark of 84% marks these out as outstanding pies and they will surely be in our finals night to decide the overall champion. As for any score in the 80s they are comfortably awarded the much coveted ‘LPPAS Highly Recommended’ status. Here are the scores of the tasters from the night.


Pies are always a matter of taste. Some prefer more seasoning for the meat, others less. Some prefer runny jelly, others prefer none. Some prefer thin pastry, others like it crispy. So even the highest rated pie will have its detractors. In this case it was noticeable that there were almost no negative comments. For overall quality the pie scored an outstanding 84: The comments a great insight into why. ‘One of the nicest pork pies that I have ever tasted’; ‘the perfect pie’; ‘beautifully produced, stacked with jelly’, ‘the best yet’ and ‘brilliant’ perhaps captures the mood on the night.
The marks for the pastry were 81 which puts the pie joint second in that category. Most appreciated the pastry was crisp. ‘Excellent flavour and nicely crisp’ was one comment supported by the similar remark ‘good, crisp and flavourful.’ ‘Near perfect’ was a third comment and for those that look hard for imperfections one judge commented’very nice – possibly a touch too dry on the extremities of the crust’ while another was of the view that the pie was ‘perhaps a bit soggy on top.’ A feature that is no doubt due to the overflowing jelly on the surface of the pie. A feature that this reviewer particularly likes.
Next to the pork. Here the meat was distinctive and again at a score of 82 the pie is joint second in that category. Some pork pies have smooth, uniform textured meat. This pie is more characterful. ‘Chunky meat with a great texture’ summarises it well as does the glowing report of ‘very, very nice indeed. Well seasoned, great texture.’ The fact that 10 of the 20 scores on the night for the pork were 90 or above speaks volumes for the quality here.
Finally the jelly. With another score of 82 the pie goes to a clear second in this category too. To have such high score in each category marks the pie out as one taster remarked ‘a great all rounder’. The rough edges to the meat meant that there was usually room for plenty jelly and that room was fully filled, with a little bit extra for the top. As always, jelly seems to produce the biggest disparity in the scores awarded on the night, but here there were very few low scores. ‘Full of flavour and well distributed’ summarises it well as does the remark ‘beautiful & lots of it!’ The one negative comment from a reviewer was ‘limited…’, but even that was followed by the qualifier that ‘… but what there was was very tasty!’.
Overall then, the Grimes’pie is, at the time of writing, top in our overall rankingand second in every individual category. The butcher there is justifiably proud of his produce and the pies in particular. If you fancy a day out at the seaside then a visit to Grimes will provide the perfect snack for on the beach. Try them – you won’t be disappointed.

Grime’s of Cleveleys
60 Victoria Road West
Thornton-Cleveleys FY5 1AG

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