No sooner have the awards for 2017 been completed than the search for the best pork pie of 2018 has begun. As usual the net has been cast far and wide across the county. Five pies in total have been tested so far and from these two have stood out and lead the table for 2018:

Greeley’s (85%)
27 Winter Hey Lane, Horwich, BL6 7AD

This is our top rated pie so far.  Greeley’s beautiful pies scored very highly in each category. Although it’s hard to compare with last year’s scores due to a modified scoring system the overall score of 85% sets a standard that will be hard to beat.


Greeley’s pies were sampled by a total of 25 hungry testers. The scores of 85, 84, 83 & 82% across the four categories point to a perfectly balanced score and this pie will take some beating this year. Comments for our tasters on this pie included ‘delightful pie’, ‘a perfect combination of well-seasoned pork, crispy pastry and juicy jelly’

Roaming Roosters (81%)
Barrowford Road, Higham, BB12 9ER

Roaming Roosters

Roaming Roosters is located in the village of Higham, north of Burnley. These pies are the second stand out pie of the year so far. The score of 87% for the pastry is the highest category total this year. The pork achieved an excellent 85% also, the mixed scores for the jelly was the factor that just pulled the overall score down. Here the quality of the jelly wasn’t in question, but in some pies the quantity was, as the jelly failed to reach all of the gaps. Nevertheless this is an excellent pie the comment of one of our tasters provides the perfect summary ‘A very tasty pie, with well seasoned pork and crisp pastry. The jelly tasted good but not enough of it!’