Bolton’s famed Fraser’s pork pies once again provided the highlight of the April meeting of LPPAS. It isn’t breaking news to pie aficionados when we report that Fraser’s pies are of the highest standard. The pies are beautifully crafted and provide a near perfect balance of meat and pastry with any gaps crammed full with jelly. Here are the ratings from the 25 judges on the night.


The fact that all four categories score over 80 is a testament to the skill and craft that goes in to producing the pies. Comments on the night include ‘Just a wonderful pie, jelly superb.’; ‘well balance, full of flavour. nice pie!; ‘pastry nice and crisp’. If there was one point where some tasters raised a query it was with the seasoning of the pork. Seasoning is always a question of personal preference of course but there was a proportion of tasters that would have preferred a little more seasoning. This comment summarises the issue: ‘Excellent pie, only criticism is that it needed a little more seasoning.’

If you haven’t already sampled Fraser’s pork pies we highly recommend that make the journey. You won’t be disappointed.

272 Rishton Lane