In contrast to the well known Fraser’s, the second pie sampled in April was a relative newcomer to the scene. Seddon’s Farm Butchers of Bury kindly donated a dozen pies for sampling.

The pies were very distinctive and have a good local reputation. The main difference from standard pork pies is the pastry which is deliberately softer than the more normal crispy pastry. Secondly, the jelly was runny. While this isn’t to everyone’s taste it is a personal preference of this reviewer, and for the big majority on the night the jelly scored very highly. There was less acceptance of the soft pastry. To a degree, this is no doubt due to novelty of such pastry, and there were a fair proportion of tasters that liked the pastry that way. The butcher, Mark, tells us that the pies are especially popular when still warm from the oven – and it would be good to taste them that way also.

As a newcomer Seddon’s pies faced stiff competition on the night up against Fraser’s famous pies. If you are in and around Bury it is definitely worth trying a pie from Seddon’s. If you do call in, we’d love to have your feedback.

Seddon’s Farm Butchers
74 Mile Lane