For our June meeting, a pair of our intrepid tasters made the journey West to G & E Hallsworth & Son of Ormskirk. We were well rewarded for their efforts. There are rumours that there is a rich seam of pork pie producing butchers in the area and if these pies are anything to go by we will be returning.



An overall score of 81 marks Hallsworth’s pie out as an outstanding newcomer. A set of 4 scores  between 79 and 81 is testament to the skill, craft and consistency that goes in to producing the pies. There were many positive comments from our 24 tasters on the night. One commented as follows: ‘Excellent pie – full of meat of a smooth texture. Clear flavoursome jelly and pastry excellent and well coloured.’ Certainly a feature of the pie is just how much meat is crammed in there, with a bold convex lid rather than the disappointingly flat lid that is the mark of a less generous pie. Another taster (one of our few members that is fully converted to metric measures) made an interesting remark – ‘I think it would be an excellent pie for a picnic as it would withstand a few kilometres in a rucksack’. Excellent advice.

As always there were a few naysayers. The consistent theme amongst these was that the meat was a little on the salty side. Without this perceived imperfection from some, the pie could well have been challenging Walmsley’s at the top of our current table. Regardless, it is an excellent pie, and if you are near the Ormskirk area, Hallsworth & Sons is well worth a visit.

G & E Hallsworth & son,
149 Wigan Road
L39 2AS