Preston had been barren ground in our ceaseless quest to find Lancashire’s best pork pies. All that changed on Monday night when pies from Honeywell’s Farm Shop were sampled by a very appreciative group. Their pies scored an excellent overall score of 83% to put them right amongst the leaders so far this year.


Honeywells Score

Each of the three categories of pastry, pork & jelly included scores of 10 to provide ample testament to the pies quality. From the 11 scorers over the 4 categories just two scores below 7 marks this out as a pie good enough to appeal to all palates. The pies have an excellent look, each with an individual character but all made with the same care and attention. The lowest score for any category was the pastry. This is a subject that always divides opinion, and the couple of tasters that stated they would prefer a crisper crust were balanced out by those that awarded the pastry scores of 9 and 10. The jelly achieves an excellent score of 82%. This taster relished the jelly, which was darker than normal and packed with peppery flavour. There was a generous amount too, with the jelly filling any available gaps between the meat an the pastry.  The highest score though was for the pork. The pork was juicy with a great texture and there was unanimity amongst the scorers, with no scorer awarded of less than 8/10.

Honeywell’s Farm Shop has three outlets. We highly recommend paying them a visit.

Honeywell’s Farm Shop,
Eaves Lane