The Lancashire Pork Pie Appreciation Society (LPPAS) has been established in order to appreciate the very best pork pies that Lancashire has to offer. To this end the LPPAS works tirelessly to identify, assess and celebrate the best piesĀ in Lancashire. There are strict conditions that entitle a pie to be considered by the LPPAS.

Although the well known Wigan saying is that there is ‘no such thing as a bad pie’, unfortunately, this is no longer the case. For a pork pie to be worth its name it must consist of CURED pork. On no account will insipid pies, using uncured pork, such as the Melton Mowbray pie, be considered. Secondly: pies are pies. There is a disturbing trend towards the appearance of the ‘artisan’ pie. In the pie world, artisan is merely code for expensive. Pies must be affordable in order to be acknowledged by the LPPAS. Lastly, for a pie to qualify it must be made in Lancashire.