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Next LPPAS Meeting – Monday 3rd July

Following on from crowning the best home made pies in Lancashire in The Great Lancashire Bake Off we are back to our normal quest to find the best pork pies on sale in Lancashire and so the pies have now been selected for our next meeting  which will commence at 9:30PM on Monday 3rd July at The Black Bull. Walmesley’s have been on top for a long time now. Can we find a pie to replace them at the top?

As usual all are welcome.


On your marks, get set …..BAKE!

In one week’s time the winner of the inaugural Great Lancashire Pork Pie Bake Off will be crowned. If you fancy yourself as a Star Baker there’s still time to enter your showstopper, but the deadline is fast approaching. The full details of what should be a great evening are below:


To enter your pie either complete a simple entry form in The Black Bull, Edgworth or  just email with your name and contact details. There is a £5 entry fee, which is payable on the day. All proceeds will be going to Macmillan Cancer Support. Full details can be found here: Pie Off Rules

Don’t worry if you’re not a baker though. We will need as many tasters as possible on the day to help us crown Lancashire’s star pork pie baker.


To IMG_3897help wash the pies down we are proud to announce that Black Edge Brewery have made a special brew designed to complement the pies on offer. pIe PA is a pale, citrus, hoppy beer that is bound to go down a treat with the pie aficionados. Furthermore Black Edge have donated a barrel to support the event and so the more we drink on the night the more that will be raised for Macmillan Cancer Support!




As if beer and pies aren’t enough, once the champion has been crowned entertainment will be provided by vocal entertainer and comedian Andy Mudd. Andy will provide the perfect finish to what we hope will be a great evening raising money in support of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Pie Off Entry Details & Rules

The rules and entry details have been announced for the Great Lancashire Pork Pie Bake Off:

Rules and Entry Details

The event is open to all in Lancashire. The proceeds raised by the event will be given to MacMillan Cancer Support and so we encourage as many people as possible to enter. The rules are designed to reflect this.

Entry Fee
There is a £5 entry fee for all entrants. This is payable on the day.

While it will be possible to enter on the day, for planning purposes, it is strongly recommended that all competitors register their entry in advance. This can be done in person at The Black Bull or via Email at All that is required to register is name and contact details.

The Pies
In order to encourage as many entries as possible there are few strict rules that competitors must adhere to. For judging purposes entrants must supply a minimum of 4 individual pies or 1 large pie that is divisible into at least 4 portions.

 Submission on the Day
Judging will commence at 8pm. To facilitate this Pies must be brought to The Black Bull between 5:00 and 7:30 pm on the day. (Suggest pies are delivered/stored in the side room until 8:00?)

On receipt, pies will be  allocated their own individual ID. The judging will then be ‘blind’ such that judges will have no knowledge of the provenance of the pies Judging will commence at 8pm. Entrants can take no part in the judging process. The judging panel is currently being assembled from a combination of local pie experts and ‘celebrities’.

There main award will be given to the best home made pork pie in Lancashire. The winner will receive  a trophy and a prize donated by the brewery. Further awards  will be made for best pastry; best pork and best jelly.

Public Participation
Pies not consumed in the judging process will be made available for purchase on the night at a provisional fee of £2 per pie. Proceeds will go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Download Pie Off Rules

Next LPPAS Meeting – Monday 5th June

The pies have now been ordered for the next meeting of the LPPAS which will commence at 9:30PM on Monday 5th June at The Black Bull. Local pride was at stake last  time with top class pies from Bolton & Bury going head-to-head. Bolton came out on top last time , but we will be casting our net wider again for the June meeting in our search for the best pork pie in Lancashire. All are welcome from Bolton, Bury and beyond.

June promises to be an excellent month for pie lovers with this meeting followed by the Pie Off on the 24th. The tap room was overflowing for our last meeting  so, if you are planning to sample the pies, please let Steve know or drop us an email at


Beer, Music & Pies! The Great Lancashire Pork Pie Bake Off

We are excited to provide more details for the Great Lancashire Pork Pie Bake Off. Firstly, we will shortly be announcing details of a new beer that is being brewed specially for the night. A barrel of the beer will be donated by the brewer free of charge. As with all proceeds from the Pie Off all proceeds will be going to Macmillan Cancer Support. Watch this space for further details soon. Along with the beer, musical entertainment will be provided on the night too. As certain members of the LPPAS aren’t noted for their temperance the decision has been made to bring the Pie Off forward by 24 hours to the evening of Saturday 24th June.


Entries Now Open for ‘The Great Lancashire Pork Pie Bake Off’

Entries are now being accepted for the Great Lancashire Pork Pie Bake Off’. Our search to find the best home made pork pie in Lancashire. The entry fee for competitors will be £5.00 (payable on the day)  with all proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support. Places are limited, so to enter your pie in the Great Lancashire Pork Pie Bake Off either complete an entry form in person at The Black Bull, or drop us an email at with your name and contact details.

Date: 8:00pm Saturday 24th June.
Venue: The Black Bull, Edgworth, Bolton, BL7 0AF.




Pie Rating – Trotters (Bury)

Trotter’s Pork Pie wins the award for the most elegant looking pie we have sampled so far. The pastry pig on the lid is a great touch that gives the pie a distinctive look and feel. The name ‘Trotter’s’ also met with the approval of the LPPAS members.

A dozen standard pies were provided for sampling. The pie performed well, achieving ‘LPPAS Recommended Status’. On another night it might have scored higher still, but struggled on the night in comparison to the LPPAS Highly Recommended, and firm favourite, Fraser’s Pie. It should also be mentioned that as Trotter’s is closed on Monday the pies had been in storage since Saturday. Two members that have sampled these pies fresh though that the pastry had lost some of its ‘crunch’ over the weekend. At the end of the tasting no-one was disappointed.

Here are the marks from the 12 tasters for the pie:


TrottersSo, what are the characteristics of this excellently presented pie? Firstly, the size should be commented on. It is one of the smaller pies that we have sampled. For some this would be ideal, but on the night the majority of tasters would have preferred a slightly larger version. Members were split on their overall description. ‘A cute looking, nice pie’ was one comment, supported by others that found the pie ‘enjoyable’ and ‘very good and tasty’. Other members were a little harsher – describing the pie as ‘average’. A comment that in part is testament to the quality of the pies that we have sampled so far this year.

The pork itself was the strongest feature of the pie. With an average mark of 69% this just missed the Highly Recommended level. ‘Firm’, ‘good texture and flavour’ and ‘well-seasoned’ were typical comments here with only one taster awarding a mark below 65%. In fact there were several positive comments about the seasoning – a factor that even in the top scoring pies is often the subject of negative comment.

The pastry achieved a mark of 60%. Here it was felt that the pastry ‘lacked crispness’ and some felt it was ‘soggy’. There was no doubt that the pastry didn’t score as well as expected. How much this was due to its period in storage is open to question – but there’s no doubt it would have been fairer to sample the pie on the day of purchase.

Finally, to the jelly. Here there were some negative comments but these related to quantity rather than quality. In smaller, well filled, pies such as this one there is little room for jelly. Those that did comment on the flavour remarked that the jelly was ‘excellent’ and ‘nice and tasty’.

Overall, the Trotter’s Pork Pie makes the grade as an LPPAS Recommended Pie. With its appearance and the quality of the pork it is best described as an enjoyable pie. If you are in the area, why not call in to what is an excellent butchers for a sample?

86 Walshaw Road
Or use our Pie Finder for directions!


Pie Rating – Frasers (Bolton)

There was much anticipation as the members of LPPAS impatiently waited for the Fraser’s Pork Pies to be served. For many LPPAS members Fraser’s pork pies have been a long-standing favourite and those that had yet to taste them were expecting something special. Ideally tasting would be done ‘blind’ to remove any possible bias. Although, this wasn’t possible for such a well-known pie, the tasters gave their opinions in their usual professional manner.


A dozen standard pies were provided for the hungry crowd with the generous addition of 2 large pies to ensure that an elegant sufficiency was provided. At the end of the tasting no-one was disappointed.  The overall mark of 79% is testament to the quality of the pie, comfortably achieving the much coveted ‘LPPAS Highly Recommended’ status. Here are the marks of the 13 tasters for the pie:

Fraser’s Standard Pie Taster
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Total
Overall Quality 80 75 72 80 80 85 85 80 80 80 80 75 75 79
Pastry 80 65 70 70 80 90 85 80 80 70 80 75 70 77
Pork 80 70 70 70 75 85 85 80 80 70 80 75 80 77
Jelly 80 65 70 65 70 85 90 80 60 80 75 60 73

So, what are the reason that this pie has such a reputation and is rated so highly? Firstly, the overall quality is considered. One member described the pie as having an ‘exquisite balance’ between the holy trinity of pastry, meat & jelly. Comments were also made on the ‘fulsome’ and ‘well-filled’ quality of the pie. The speed at which the pies were consumed spoke silently of the taste and texture of the pies.

Frasers3Next, each of the constituent parts are considered. Of the three, the jelly scored the lowest score, with a still excellent 73%. The jelly would have scored higher still were it not for another characteristic of the pie. Paradoxically the ‘fulsome’ quality of the pie meant that in some of the pies there was comparatively little jelly. Those pies in which there was room  were particularly well-jellied with one member opining that despite it being a ‘packed pie, it had jelly in all the right places.

The pastry and pork were both awarded excellent averages of 77%. The pastry was described as ‘nicely baked, good colour, with crispy pastry just to my taste’. ‘Thin and crispy’ describing well the elusive quality of top class pastry. The pork itself was a smooth and uniformly pink. The comments ‘nicely spiced with a great texture’ and ‘lean, tasty and moist’ captures the consensus well.

Finally, comment should be made on the large pies. Formal scoring is now only conducted on the standard pies. The large pie was extremely well received. If there was a scoring system for the larger pies, there is little doubt that this would be our top-rated pie in that category.

Overall, the Fraser’s Standard Pie is in the top 3 for all of our four categories.  If you haven’t already sample Fraser’s pies as a LPPAS Highly Recommended Pie we recommend you make the journey to sample them for yourselves.

Fraser’s Butchers
272 Rishton Lane

Or use our Pie Finder for directions!



Coming soon….. the Great Lancashire Pork Pie Bake Off

Announcing ‘The Great Lancashire Pork Pie Bake Off’. Our search to find the best home made pork pie in Lancashire. All proceeds to Macmillan Cancer Support. Date now confirmed: Sunday 25th June! Full details to follow.



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