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Greeleys & Roaming Roosters Set the Standard for 2018

No sooner have the awards for 2017 been completed than the search for the best pork pie of 2018 has begun. As usual the net has been cast far and wide across the county. Five pies in total have been tested so far and from these two have stood out and lead the table for 2018:

Greeley’s (85%)
27 Winter Hey Lane, Horwich, BL6 7AD

This is our top rated pie so far.  Greeley’s beautiful pies scored very highly in each category. Although it’s hard to compare with last year’s scores due to a modified scoring system the overall score of 85% sets a standard that will be hard to beat.


Greeley’s pies were sampled by a total of 25 hungry testers. The scores of 85, 84, 83 & 82% across the four categories point to a perfectly balanced score and this pie will take some beating this year. Comments for our tasters on this pie included ‘delightful pie’, ‘a perfect combination of well-seasoned pork, crispy pastry and juicy jelly’

Roaming Roosters (81%)
Barrowford Road, Higham, BB12 9ER

Roaming Roosters

Roaming Roosters is located in the village of Higham, north of Burnley. These pies are the second stand out pie of the year so far. The score of 87% for the pastry is the highest category total this year. The pork achieved an excellent 85% also, the mixed scores for the jelly was the factor that just pulled the overall score down. Here the quality of the jelly wasn’t in question, but in some pies the quantity was, as the jelly failed to reach all of the gaps. Nevertheless this is an excellent pie the comment of one of our tasters provides the perfect summary ‘A very tasty pie, with well seasoned pork and crisp pastry. The jelly tasted good but not enough of it!’


Andy Neil Crowned Champion at The Great Lancashire Pork Pie Off.


FullSizeRender (3)
One of the more exotic pies, baked (allegedly) by Phil McDermott

A superb night was had by all at The Great Lancashire Pork Pie Off. Pies of all shapes and sizes, from across Lancashire, were devoured by a ravenous crowd. The pies were washed down with Black Edge Brewery’s excellent Pie PA made specially for the event. The Pie PA sold out, but the enjoyment continued with an excellent set from Andy Mudd. Well over £200 was raised for Macmillan Cancer Support putting us on track to meet our target of raising £500 for the year.

FullSizeRender (1)
Andy Neil’s Champion Pies

The pies were of a very high quality. Despite the quantity there was very little left at the end of the night. As the saying goes ‘It’s the taking part that counts’, but nevertheless there was a huge amount of local pride at stake and there was fierce interest in who would be crowned champion. The voting was close but, in the end, Andy Neil of Chapeltown was a worthy winner. Andy Kernick, who definitely would have won the prize for biggest pie was a close second, while third place went to Gordon Cain.

Andy Kernick from Turton with his pork pie
What a whopper!
Emma Pawluk of Macmillan with a sample of the pies.




On your marks, get set …..BAKE!

In one week’s time the winner of the inaugural Great Lancashire Pork Pie Bake Off will be crowned. If you fancy yourself as a Star Baker there’s still time to enter your showstopper, but the deadline is fast approaching. The full details of what should be a great evening are below:


To enter your pie either complete a simple entry form in The Black Bull, Edgworth or  just email with your name and contact details. There is a £5 entry fee, which is payable on the day. All proceeds will be going to Macmillan Cancer Support. Full details can be found here: Pie Off Rules

Don’t worry if you’re not a baker though. We will need as many tasters as possible on the day to help us crown Lancashire’s star pork pie baker.


To IMG_3897help wash the pies down we are proud to announce that Black Edge Brewery have made a special brew designed to complement the pies on offer. pIe PA is a pale, citrus, hoppy beer that is bound to go down a treat with the pie aficionados. Furthermore Black Edge have donated a barrel to support the event and so the more we drink on the night the more that will be raised for Macmillan Cancer Support!




As if beer and pies aren’t enough, once the champion has been crowned entertainment will be provided by vocal entertainer and comedian Andy Mudd. Andy will provide the perfect finish to what we hope will be a great evening raising money in support of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Pie Off Entry Details & Rules

The rules and entry details have been announced for the Great Lancashire Pork Pie Bake Off:

Rules and Entry Details

The event is open to all in Lancashire. The proceeds raised by the event will be given to MacMillan Cancer Support and so we encourage as many people as possible to enter. The rules are designed to reflect this.

Entry Fee
There is a £5 entry fee for all entrants. This is payable on the day.

While it will be possible to enter on the day, for planning purposes, it is strongly recommended that all competitors register their entry in advance. This can be done in person at The Black Bull or via Email at All that is required to register is name and contact details.

The Pies
In order to encourage as many entries as possible there are few strict rules that competitors must adhere to. For judging purposes entrants must supply a minimum of 4 individual pies or 1 large pie that is divisible into at least 4 portions.

 Submission on the Day
Judging will commence at 8pm. To facilitate this Pies must be brought to The Black Bull between 5:00 and 7:30 pm on the day. (Suggest pies are delivered/stored in the side room until 8:00?)

On receipt, pies will be  allocated their own individual ID. The judging will then be ‘blind’ such that judges will have no knowledge of the provenance of the pies Judging will commence at 8pm. Entrants can take no part in the judging process. The judging panel is currently being assembled from a combination of local pie experts and ‘celebrities’.

There main award will be given to the best home made pork pie in Lancashire. The winner will receive  a trophy and a prize donated by the brewery. Further awards  will be made for best pastry; best pork and best jelly.

Public Participation
Pies not consumed in the judging process will be made available for purchase on the night at a provisional fee of £2 per pie. Proceeds will go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Download Pie Off Rules

A Tale of Two Pies

Like buffaloes drawn to a watering hole, the hungry members of LPPAS assembled at The Black Bull. Their appetites had been sharpened over the weekend by pictures of the pies that were to be sampled during the evening. Indeed, such was the interest that the tap room overflowed until tasters encircled all sides of the bar.
The pictures of the pies had created a stir. Shrewd judges had noted a sparkle on the top of the pies, and were expecting a treat. Rumours that there was an award winner to be sampled did nothing to dampen their enthusiasm. Which of the two pies on offer would turn out to be the better pie? Here, there was clear agreement amongst the majority of the ‘paddock watchers’. Pie B (as it was labelled) stood out. It was clearly a pie of substance. Its rubicund pastry exuded good health. The convex arch of its lid signalled a pie that was filled, not just with quality pork, but, with self-confidence. There was no doubt that this thoroughbred would be a top class pie. But, what was to be made of Pie A? In comparison, Pie A seemed almost apologetic, sallow even. To inexperienced judges, it looked to be a mere selling plater. Not to all though. Some of the more sagacious judges exchanged meaningful looks. They had noticed something indefinable in the glint of the jelly on the pie lid. Despite its modesty, there were signs that Pie A might belie its appearance and give the thoroughbred a real run for its money.
So, what where the origins of Pie A and Pie B, and how did the LPPAS tasters rate them? Indeed, was there a winner on the night? The thoroughbred Pie B was revealed to be the standard pork pie from Inghams of Foulridge, Colne. The pie proved the paddock judges right. It was an excellent pie, achieving LPPAS Highly Recommended status with an overall score of 73%. It was easy to see how this pie was an award winner, and it would have beaten off most opposition at a canter. To the surprise of many though, Monday wasn’t going to be Pie B’s night. Pie A, later unmasked as the standard pork pie of Pitt’s of Earby, stayed comfortably alongside Pie B and sprinted clear in the final furlong. In doing so it achieved an outstanding LPPAS rating of 82%, to put it at the top of our rankings so far this year! Full reports of both pies will appear shortly, but suffice to say that the record number of LPPAS tasters present had had a night to remember. These were two top class pies. The standard set by Pitt’s of Earby creates a new benchmark for aspiring pies in our future tasting sessions. Only time will tell if it can remain there until awards night in December.

Something to get our teeth into

img_1001The LPPAS will officially be launched in February 2017. In the meantime, keen members held an unofficial January meeting on Monday 9th. For the moment the pie that was appreciated must remain anonymous but suffice to say that the Bury based pie was judged by all to have considerable merit. The only minor criticism was a lack of jelly in some of the hard to reach areas of the pie.

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